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The Secret Power Of Art

People who can no longer use words can express their deepest feelings...
through the symbolic language of art.

Discover the groundbreaking book about art therapy for Alzheimer's disease:

When Words Have Lost Their Meaning:
Alzheimer's Patients Communicate through Art

After many years' experience as an art therapist to Alzheimer's patients, Ruth Abraham now offers an encouraging guide to communicating despite dementia.

Are you a psychologist, occupational therapist, healthcare or social worker, friend or family to an Alzheimer's sufferer? Find out how to engage with and celebrate each person's individuality and humanness for far longer than previously thought.

Art therapy draws on the rich resources of a lifetime — the temperament, emotions, experiences, and memories that make up one's internal world — that are still present for many years of the disease and provide material for profound communion.

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