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Art and Alzheimer's
Yakar's Center for
Social Concern

24 June 2008

Art Therapy with
Alzheimer's Patients
Haifa University
2 June 2008

Case Study
Art Therapies with
Traumatized Children
Aachen, Germany
25-26 February 2008

Art Therapy Lecture
15 June 2007

Bereavement Lecture
4-7 October 2006

Art Therapy
for Alzheimer's
Haifa University
12 June 2006

A personal note from Ruth

"When my mom began to develop the tell-tale symptoms of dementia, I was already working at a geriatric facility where I had seen severely confused, disoriented and forgetful patients use art materials in wonderfully creative ways. They were not simply gaining pleasure from art activities, but rather conveying their feelings to me through the colors and lines and symbols of the artwork. While I was learning about the illness as a therapist and developing tools to increase my patients' quality of life, I was also experiencing difficulties and frustration with my own mother, and often felt quite helpless. When I wrote this book, I wanted it to contain the information that I had wished for then. I set out to show how the mental deterioration of Alzheimer's patients changes the way they feel and experience the world; how distressing it is for them to be unable to express feelings; and how art therapy can reduce the growing loneliness that comes from the mental changes. The book shows anyone who fears what lies ahead for them or for others why art activity is so valuable and how best to facilitate it." Ruth Abraham, July 2006

About the author

Ruth Abraham is both a therapist and an artist. After a BA Honors in psychology in South Africa in 1965, she studied painting and sculpture, exhibiting and selling her art in various forums locally and overseas. In 1986 she earned an MA in Expressive Therapy from Lesley College, Massachusetts. Since then she has been an art therapist in private practice, and teaches art therapy in a three-year postgraduate program. She also worked for eight years in a geriatric day center. This professional experience, along with her personal journey in caring for her mother, provided the material for this authoritative and compassionate book. Ms Abraham is married, with three grown children and four grandchildren. An active member of the art therapy community, she teaches future therapists and works with patients. She is currently writing short stories.

Booking the author

Book signings and lectures about art therapy or about its use with dementia sufferers or in bereavement work can be arranged. See Appearances on the right for a list of recent and future speaking engagements. To arrange such events or to inquire about scheduled appearances, contact


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